Pomeranian Genealogical Association

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The following text was received from the Pomeranian Association

Pomeranian Genealogical Association

PTG Pomorskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne

Indexation of Church Records in Pomerania became one of the most important tasks accepted by the members of the Pomeranian Genealogical Association. Our members are committed to this time-consuming chore. It is a very scrupulous work, often requiring decent graphologist skills to decipher the hand-written and often German-language records. Occasionally, we are unable to correctly identify a recorded name and have to tag such an entry with a “?” mark. You can access the already completed indexes on our Web site at www.ptg.gda.pl


Maps – Kashubia Throughout History

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Kashubia Throughout History

The presented maps are based on research of Prof. Dr Józef  Borzyszkowski as published in his book “Historia Kaszubów” [en. History of Kashubians], Gdańsk 1999.
They also reflect studies conducted by Dr Jan Modrawski as published in “Geografia współczesnych Kaszub” [en. Geography of Contemporary Kashubia], Gdańsk 1999.


Kashubian and Polish geographical names

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This name compilation is partially based on a map included in Dr. Jan Modrawski “Geografia współczesnych Kaszub “[en. Geography of Contemporary Kashubia], Gdańsk 1999 and contains errors.

The following references were used to determine Kashubian (Pomeranian) name forms of towns and villages:

  • Florian Cenôwa, Kaschubische Orts- und Volksnamen, w: Jahrbücher für slawische Literatur, Kunst und Wissenschaft, rok II, Lëpskò 1844, Heft 1
  • Florian Cenôwa, Skôrb Kaszébskosłovjnskjé mòwé, Świecie 1866-68
  • Stefan Ramułt, Startystyka ludności kaszubskiej, Kraków 1899
  • Friedrich Lorentz, Polskie i kaszubskie nazwy miejscowości na Pomorzu kaszubskiem, Poznań 1923
  • Friedrich Lorentz, Die kaschubischen Ortsnamen nebst Ableitungen, Berlin 1933
  • Friedrich Lorentz (Friedhelm Hinze) Slawische Namen Hinterpommerns, Berlin 1964