Polish-Kashubian (Hybrid) keyboard layout for MacOS X

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This hybrid Polish-Kashubian keyboard layout was developed and made available under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) by Dariusz Jażdżyk. Based on the Polish Mac Programmer’s (QWERTY) layout, it remains compatible with the Polish Pro keyboard layout and simultaneously provides all Polish and Kashubian characters, voiding a need of layout switching.

Note: This layout is NOT identical with the Linux / Windows (QWERTY) version where diacritical marks are accessed by pressing the base letter and the modification ALT key (accept for ź, which uses ALT + x).

Kashubian Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X

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Since 2 December 2006, also Mac users can take advantage of Kashubian keyboard layout, thanks to Sebastian Marciniak.


1. Download and expand this file

2. Install the package

Kashubian diacritical marks’ placement mirrors that of the Kashubian Linux / Windows layout. However, Mac version of the layout additionally puts letter e ogonek (ę) under the ALT + w key combo and contains sharp s (ß), callable by pressing ALT + 4. The latter character is included to facilitate editing of the old Kashubian texts, utilizing the sharp s character (i.e. Florian Ceynowa’s writings). The euro symbol (€) kept its original Mac position (ALT + 3).

This file can be freely distributed, providing due credit is given to its author.