Pomeranian Genealogical Association

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The following text was received from the Pomeranian Association

Pomeranian Genealogical Association

PTG Pomorskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne

Indexation of Church Records in Pomerania became one of the most important tasks accepted by the members of the Pomeranian Genealogical Association. Our members are committed to this time-consuming chore. It is a very scrupulous work, often requiring decent graphologist skills to decipher the hand-written and often German-language records. Occasionally, we are unable to correctly identify a recorded name and have to tag such an entry with a “?” mark. You can access the already completed indexes on our Web site at www.ptg.gda.pl

Majority of our members play an active role in the indexation project. We dedicate our personal time and resources to the cause. Starting with marriages, we have now moved to birth and burial records. Our index databases are periodically being updated, pending indexing completion of subsequent parishes. Pelplin Diocese was the first to go. The next Diocese we plan to index is going to be Gdansk. We have also added indexation of one of the parishes located in the Pomeranian Diocese, namely Popowo Toruńskie, completed by one of our members.

We hope that as the membership of our organization grows, the indexation efforts will gain a momentum thus providing a great resource for researchers exploring this part of the country. The project coordinator  is Stanisław Pieniążek (ptg@NO _SPAMgdynia.org)

Translation: Yurek Hinz