Ethnic Kashubia according to Dr. Jan Mordawski (1999)

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Geography of Kashubia according to Dr. Jan Mordawski

Kashubians in 20th century

This map is based on the studies conducted by Jan Mordawski as published in his book entitled “Geografia współczesnych Kaszub“ [en. Geography of Contemporary Kashubia], Gdańsk 1999.
In his book, Dr. Mordawski included territories of the following villages, counties, and cities: Krokowa, Gniewino, Łęczyce, Cewice, Czarna Woda, Dąbrówka, Bytów, Tuchomie, Lipnica, Przechlewo, Konarzyny, Brusy, Karsin, Kościerzyna, Nowa Karczma, Somonino, Żukowo, and Gdańsk (excluding the eastern part of the city) as the bounderies of Kashubia. Only cities with meaningful number of Kashubians (Gdynia – 30, 000, Gdańsk and Sopot – 20,000 each) and areas where at least 1/3 of the population declares themselves as Kashubians were added to the map.