Kashubian language


Kashubian language (csb: kaszëbsczi jãzëk, kaszëbskô mòwa) is a Lechitic, Western Slavic language that belongs to the  Pomeranian language sub-group.

The first attempts at its normalization date back to the mid-16th century (S. Krofej, M. Brüggemann). This process was later resumed during the mid-19th century in the Gdańsk region thanks to the work of Florian Ceynowa, culminating in publication of his Zarés do grammatikj  kašébsko-slovjinskjè mòvé, Poznań 1879 [Grammatical Outline of the Kashub-Slovincian Language].

The normalization process (still ongoing), has benefited from support of the different groups of Kashubian writers.