Verba Sacra – Kashubian Bible

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Verba Sacra - Kashubian Bible

Verba Sacra - Kashubian Bible

As part of the Verba Sacra – Polish Cathedral Prayers series, on 19 January, at 5 P.M. at Wejherowo Collegiate (Fara), The Gospel  According to St. Matthew will be presented in Kashubian language.  The author of the translation (including commentary on the Book) is Fr. Adam Ryszard Sikora (OFM)also know by other Kashubian New  Testament translations. Fragments of the Gospel (in Kashubian) will be read by Danuta Stenka, with remarks by prof. Jerzy Treder and Fr. Adam Ryszard Sikora.

Verba Sacra is a project realized since 2000 and established by a film director, Przemysław Basiński.

The Verba Sacra 2009 music was composed by Tadeusz Korthals (Northstudio) and Cyprian Wieczorkowski (Lud Hauza). The variety of music to be performed during the event will be provided by a band consisting of: Cyprian Wieczorkowski –  electronics; Weronika Korthals – vocal, violin; Dawid Gorgolewski – guitars;  Zdzisław Ejsmont – drums; and Tadeusz Korthals – keyboards, percussion. The happening’s director is Przemysław Basiński.


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