Kashubian Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X

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Since 2 December 2006, also Mac users can take advantage of Kashubian keyboard layout, thanks to Sebastian Marciniak.


1. Download and expand this file

2. Install the package

Kashubian diacritical marks’ placement mirrors that of the Kashubian Linux / Windows layout. However, Mac version of the layout additionally puts letter e ogonek (ę) under the ALT + w key combo and contains sharp s (ß), callable by pressing ALT + 4. The latter character is included to facilitate editing of the old Kashubian texts, utilizing the sharp s character (i.e. Florian Ceynowa’s writings). The euro symbol (€) kept its original Mac position (ALT + 3).

This file can be freely distributed, providing due credit is given to its author.

Other information:

  • Author: Sebastian Marciak (marciak@heimat.pl)
  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • File size: 29 KB
  • Version: 2006.12.2

Macintosh Keyboard:

1. Standard (QWERTY) Mac keyboard layout

2. Characters available when ALT key is pressed

3. Characters available when SHIFT key is pressed

4. Characters available when SHIFT + ALT keys are pressed

By Marek Kwidziński, based on description and screen shots sent by Sebastian Marciniak

Translation: Yurek Hinz