Enabling Kashubian keyboard layout in KDE 3.5.x

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We have selected Debian 5.0 (lenny) with KDE 3.5.9 to illustrate how to setup Kashubian keyboard in KDE 3.5.x.

1. From the main KDE menu select Control Center

2. Next, expand Regional & Accessibility group of settings

3. From the presented list, select Keyboard Layout

4. In the left upper corner of the main panel, check Enable keyboard layouts

5. From the Available layouts select Poland and click the Add button

6. Click on Poland in Active layouts and select csb from the Layout variant pull-down menu

7. In the Label field type in csb for proper identification of the layout

8. Click on Apply to accept the modifications and exit the setup window

9. Congratulations!

Your KDE is now configured to use the Kashubian (csb) keyboard layout! These simple setup procedures added new functionality to your system, providing you with the Kashubian characters. Now you can author and edit texts in Kashubian!

If you have more than one keyboard layout enabled, you can switch between them by clicking on the flag icon showing in the lower-right corner of your KDE toolbar, or by pressing the CTRL + ALT + K key combo.